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TTA Production & Post Productions

Video Marketing Content & Social Media Production

TTA Productions has been producing professional marketing content for small to medium businesses for nearly a decade. With our dedicated studios at Pinewood Studios (England), Fox Studios Australia and Post Production Facilities in Malaysia we work with companies to script and film powerful messages to help drive their businesses.

Visual content on your website is far more powerful than just the written word and enables you to get your marketing message directly to your customers.

Show/Sizzle Reel Production

A show reel for personal use or a sizzle reel for Business promotion are both equally important tools to achieve your communication objectives.

A good show reel will get you seen again and again and give you the best possible chance of getting work.

A professional sizzle reel can be used to promote your business or topic on social media, on video marketing campaigns or as website content.

It's worth investing time to show your unique style and personality and with our coaching through production we can ensure that it's made to the highest of standards.

On our 'show reel & sizzle reel production days' you will have plenty of quality time to practice and perfect your presentation skills with an experienced show reel director and media expert.

Our customers come back time and time again to record footage which we professionally edit and provide online to maintain your video communication strategy month to month and week to week.

Book Your on SME/Business Marketing Video Shoot

Call us on 0800 0463 447 or email enquiries@tvtraining.org to book your initial video production session today!

TTA Productions will help you script a number of messages and spend time at your premises, on location or in our studio filming using state of the art Autocue systems to make sure you don't forget your words. Our green screen technology will allow you to choose your background and our lighting and sound equipment will make sure that your ultimately professional.

Book Your Show Reel Shoot

Call us on 0800 0463 447 or email enquiries@tvtraining.org to book your show reel session today!

We aim to provide you with a unique show reel that shows your personality, professionalism and will give you the best chance of getting that presenting job. All show reels are filmed using the latest HD digital cameras.

This example is a TV Presenter Taster Day showreel.

Production Days can include

Production days are designed specifically to meet your personal and Business requirements but can include the following:

  • On location training & direction
  • Opening P.T.C (pieces to camera)
  • Various pieces to camera on location
  • Vox Pops
  • Autocue and Co-Presenting
  • Professional editing with graphics and music