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Bespoke Interpersonal Communication Training

With TV training's experience and focus within the retail sector we've a proven track record in developing bespoke training schemes specifically designed for the challenges of today's demanding retail environment. Delivering measurable enhanced KPI's within weeks of associates completing the coarse, our clients typically see significant improvements in revenues and customer satisfaction scores helping to support enhanced profitability levels.

The ability to interact and communicate with others, or the inability to do so, is referred to as interpersonal skills. Whether the communication is written, via telephone, or face-to-face, a person’s ability to communicate will reflect his ability to effectively meet customers' needs and assist his co-workers and superiors. A person with good interpersonal skills will be the "go to" person in difficult situations.

Customer service skills are a subset of interpersonal skills. A person who lacks interpersonal skills will most likely be ineffective in providing good customer service because he or she might lack listening skills, tact or empathy. Conversely, a person with well-honed interpersonal skills can have excellent customer service skills. These people listen, show concern and attempt to politely, quickly and effectively address the needs of others.

We believe that for a business to successfully function, it is important for the employees to possess interpersonal and customer service skills. These two skill areas are both essential to overall business communication.

Common Requests for Bespoke Training Include

  • Understand camera communication
  • Appearance, Timing & Delivery
  • Mental Approach
  • On Camera exercises recorded to HDV
  • Inspiring & Motivating Others
  • Engagement & Communication
  • Sales Presentation Methods
  • Ethnicity & Community Awareness
  • Format Diversification
  • TV & Video Presenting Techniques