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1 Day Video CV Course – £149.99

You can't communicate your personality, your character and your enthusiasm for a role or opportunity with only a written CV.

In this highly competitive world, a growing number of employers are now seeking candidates with Video CV’s in addition to their written version - Employers want to see the real you and statistics show that your CV is nearly 8 times more likely to be viewed if it has a Video CV.

There are a number of online job sites now allowing you to record and upload a Video CV to their site. As the UK’s leading visual trainer for 14 years, we cannot recommend strongly enough why you should think very carefully before you do this.

Remember, you're marketing yourself and whilst a written CV can be interpreted in a number of ways, a visual message is far less ambiguous. You are the product and you must treat your Video CV as a fundamental tool in your job seeking armory.

An employer will judge you and make their mind up within 10 seconds of watching your Video CV. If they like you, they will watch the rest, if they don’t, they will stop! Not looking into the camera, nerves, bad lighting and sound, reading a script below the camera and moving around like a jack-in-the-box are all common mistakes.

The TV Training Academy has launched a NEW 1 day course for anyone wanting to get ahead of the rest in the Job Hunting market. The course is held in our HQ at the world famous Pinewood Studios and during the day you will be trained on effective communication and presentation skills to help build confidence and engagement.

We will teach you all the practical tips on how to look and sound your best on camera. Then, together we will script your Video CV and present it to camera in the studio, with or without Autocue.

The course is only £149.99 and runs from 10am to 5pm and are conducted 7 days a week but places are limited to enable individual attention so book your training now by clicking the Book Online link;.

We will professionally edit your Video CV complete with titles and graphics. This will then be sent to you in full HD format straight to your computer, so that you can use it as many times as you want to apply for those jobs.

The cost of the Video CV course also includes one professional headshot for your online profiles and job applications.

A Video CV does not replace the written CV, but it certainly will make you stand out well above your competition. Remember, you are the product, make sure you look and sound the best you possibly can. You will only get one shot at that job application.



This Full Day Intensive Course Includes

  • Understand camera communication
  • Appearance, Timing & Delivery
  • Script writing & Autocue
  • LinkedIn Profile & Presentation
  • On Camera exercises recorded to HDV
  • Questions & Answers